Learn The Step-by-Step Strategy To Get 10 More Agents Sending You 100% Of Their Business In The Next 30 Days!
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The Dominant Secret..

Discover the simple way you can dominate your market online, so you can Dominate your market offline, get more leads, more referrals and more Agents!

The Tools You Need..

That will differentiate you from the pack of all the other Originators so that you can multiply your referrals and lead generation!

Targeting Agents..

Learn how to target THE Agents that you want to work with and COMPEL them to send you all of their referral business!

Next Steps To Take..

Find out the exact steps it takes to DOMINATE your market online, so you can dominate offline!
Discussion Timestamps
  • 3:46 : Gathering volunteers for the Demonstration of PROOF
  • 5:21 : The Agent question, "Why should I work with you instead of any of the other Originators in town?"
  • 7:12 : Pick and choose which Agents YOU want to work with
  •  8:54 : The 3 Step Agent Attraction Plan
  •  11:12 : What makes THIS training different
  •  12:16 : Become the Dominant Lender on google for your market
  •  14:58 : The FSBO Strategy for Lenders.. What FSBO's really want
  •  16:22 : The Builder Strategy for Lenders
  •  17:21 : The Local Business Owner (B2B) Strategy for Lenders
  •  19:06 : Targeting Realtors YOU want to work with
  •  20:34 : The ONE thing Everyone in sales MUST do
  •  21:04 : The very first thing to do when targeting an Agent YOU want to work with
  •  22:06 : The Script
  •  27:58 : What you do for and give your Selected Agents
  •  29:50 : How you get the Rankings that matter
  •  33:18 : Why Lenders and Agents are not using video
  •  33:53 : Video as a Lead Generation Platform
  •  36:12 : The tools you need to make this work
  •  42:06 : Live walk through Demonstration
  •  50:41 : Live results, do this with and for your prospects
  •  55:20 : How long does it take to make a campaign
  •  56:12 : The wrap up, why it's a good idea to build a large online presence
  •  56:42 : What people are paying for SEO and why you don't have to
  •  57:33 : Membership options and bonuses
  •  1:07:54 : Q & A including Compliance
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