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With our Patented Cloud based system, you have the world's most powerful tool to dominate any Real Estate market online any time you want.

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You have access to the most powerful video creation software ever invented.  Make up to 50 Real Estate Videos at one time and several hundred in just minutes, not days!

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You now have access to other HTVP members in the HTVP Private Facebook Community where you can see, share, communicate and brain storm with some of the best producing real estate agents in the country.
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Frequently Asked Questions About HiTechVideo.Pro:
Can I Buy Now And Upgrade To A Higher Level Later?
Yes, you can you can purchase any currently available package and then upgrade to a higher level package at a later date.  However, if you wait and upgrade at a later date you will be paying the price that we would be offering on our website at that time.  
Is There Training Available For Non-Techies Like Me?
Yes, right on the dashboard when you log in you will see a walk through video that explains the whole program.  There is also a support desk and community which hosts several detailed training videos you can watch at your convenience. 
What If I'm A New Agent?
We would be proud to invite you into our community.  Our Facebook community is a private community of a wide variety of Agents.  You will find super users, new agents, high volume Agents and more.  Our community is like family and is proud to share ideas, what's working now and more.  Also as a new Agent utilizing HiTechVideo.Pro to build your brand and presence online is something you can do very quickly so that you can dominate search when a potential lead is searching online.  After all, even if you are new if your face is all over the webernet with your videos and your competitor is NOT..... who are they going to call?
How Many Videos Can I Make At One Time?
Each "Campaign" allows you to make up to 50 videos at one time.  Each Publishing Profile can run up to 100 videos per day.
Why Do I Need So Many Videos Online?
We cover this in great detail in our training webinars.  However the short simple answer is...  Because people ask Google questions in completely different ways about real estate, buying a house, finding an agent, getting a mortgage, what schools are nearby, what homes are for sale in a specific city or subdivision.  As a Real Estate Agent, you want to interrupt as many of those conversations as possible so that the person ask will find you instead of your competitor.

It is also one the greatest, if not the greatest, listing presentation tool on the planet.  If you can "PROVE" to the seller that you do great marketing and get their house all over the first page of tons of pages of Google.. how can they not say "Holy Cow, That's Awesome!  Where do I sign?"... :)
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